Estudia Budismo

For the Buddhist path to lead to wisdom you need to know how to study buddhism to put the Buddhist teachings into practice in your daily life  

To develop this internal wisdom you need to spend the time to follow the traditional approach which is to  ‘hear, reflect and meditate’ on the teachings.

Study Buddhism – Hearing, Thinking and Meditating

  • Hearing – You hear the teachings from qualified teachers.
  • Reflecting – You reflect on the meaning of the teachings using critical intelligence and reference to your experience.
  • Meditating – You put the teachings into practice and  then recognize their truth through direct non-dual experience.

This means to hear them fully explained by a qualified teacher, then take them home and study and understand them. Then through meditation you are able to apply their effectiveness in everyday life:

As students we continually repeat these three phases in order to deepen our understanding and insight.

Each time we receive Buddhist teachings (hearing) we must take them away, reflect on their meaning and meditate on them. Upcoming teachings can be found on the Events page.

This is the effective way to study buddhism and make genuine progress.

As the fourth century Indian master Vasubhandu declared:

“On the basis of moral discipline, practice hearing, reflecting and meditating.”