Enseñanzas budistas

Buddhist teachings in Mexico City

Dechen Mexico has an annual program of teachings and Vajrayana initiations by visiting Buddhist Lamas and qualified teachers. 

Buddhist teachings from a qualified teacher give is the explanations allow us to clear up misunderstandings and wrong assumptions that we may have and also give the clarity to practice the teachings and apply them to our daily life.

Importance of traditional Buddhist teachingsBuddhist teaching

The Dechen community follows traditional ways of teaching so that each person can have the opportunity to receive and practice the teachings as transmitted by the Buddha. When these are carefully taught, they can be fully understood. In this way, they can be applied and have much more value in our daily life.

The wisdom and depth of Buddha realization have been carefully passed on in this way for over two thousand years. When the Buddha’s teachings reached Tibet in India, it took several generations for them to consolidate. The Tibetans were very careful to learn the original teachings transmitted from India and followed a traditional practice method.