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Shop Orders (for Ganesha Press)

You can purchase Ganesha Press books and sadhanas directly  from this website. Certain books and all sadhanas are restricted to those who have received the appropriate transmissions from their lama (see Restrictions below).

To Purchase a Restricted Publication by Email

Send an email to ganesha@dechen.org specifying the books or sadhanas that you require and include details of the lama from whom you have received the relevant initiation and/or lung for each text you are ordering.

We will email you a PayPal invoice (payable by credit or debit card).

Your order will be dispatched when we receive notification from PayPal that you have completed your payment.

By Post

If you prefer to pay by cheque, you can download and print the order form below and post with a cheque for the full payment to:

Ganesha Press Shop
4 Chatterton Court
Eversfield Road

Buddhist centres and groups wishing to make bulk purchases should contact Ganesha Press directly.


Completing the Order Form


Find this code in the description of the item on the shop webpage, e.g. BK009


The name of the item, e.g. Opening the Door to Precious Accomplishments


The number of each item required

Unit Price

See the price on the shop webpage


Total price of all items ordered, before postage and packing

Postage and Packing

For delivery within the UK, add 15% to the cost of the total order, or add £2.00 minimum.
For delivery outside the UK, add 20% to the cost of the total order, or add £3.00 minimum.

Grand Total

Total, plus postage and packing.


Some books and all sadhanas are offered for sale only to people who have received the appropriate oral transmission (Tib: lung) and/or initiation: lung in the case of a book and lung AND initiation in the case of a sadhana. We therefore ask for details of who gave you the initiation and/or lung on the order form. This distribution policy has been approved by His Holiness Sakya Trizin.